Friday, 10 October 2014

I see more pumpkins!

Today we went to a newish grocery store in town, Monoprix. The chain is French like Carrefour (our regular grocery stop). The produce section at Monoprix is quite good and I figured I might find some pumpkins and I did! Quite a selection they were putting together for Halloween!

Pumpkins at Monoprix
Rachel Ray's Every Day

We we didn't pick up any gourds but I did get a magazine with a Halloween feature. 
First I've seen!

I also picked up some Pumpkin Bio bread at their bakery. The pumpkin part is the seeds and the bio part is the 'organic' bit, I guess. I had a couple of slices with my lunch of cabbage and carrot soup. Lightly toasted and drizzled with some olive oil the bread was really nice :)

Monoprix Bakery
Pumpkin bio bread