Friday, 17 October 2014

"Don't pay the ferryman...

...till he gets you to the other side." According to Chris deBurgh.

But when you're in the realm of the underworld, well, maybe you should just play it straight with that ferryman. There are consequences otherwise...

According to musician and artist, Jordan Reyne, all she needed for this animation was "a lot of sellotape." But I'll wager it was more than that. Here's the list of supplies as laid out in her newsletter:

1. Random tonnes of packaging / cardboard (easy if you dont leave the house and only ever shop online).
2. numerous rolls of Duct tape and sellotape.
3. Wire
4. Split pins
5. Pliers
6. String
7. Fimo
8. Three pairs of scissors (cos you will always lose 2 in the mess)
9. Endless patience (this i could not find on amazon).
A partner / flatmate who does not complain when the F and C words explode in quick succession from the kitchen at all hours of the night (for an entire fortnight).
10. A hardware shop run by a man of little taste who thus takes a fancy to you and gives you a stack of wood for almost nothing.
11. Neighbors who are as immune to hearing odd nocturnal utterances such as "Death, for f@%ks do as I say" as you are.
12. A BUCKETLOAD of time. If you are "time poor", this may actually not be for you.

The rest - is down to planning.