Monday, 27 October 2014

Cats, Bats, Moonlight and Magic...what's not to like?

I found these metal cat heads last year at a Japanese store called Daiso. I had them hanging from a frangiapani tree out in front for Halloween last year. I left them up (adding santa hats to them in December).

Daiso is kind of like a dollar store full of little doo daas, practical things and many incomprehensible labels. It's also fantastic for generating creative ideas. The cat heads were in the gardening section. From the pictographs on the packaging I think they are meant to scare off garden pests...birds, other cats, etc. They do not, however, frighten off children as I discovered one afternoon in March when I arrived home to see most of the marble eyes had gone missing. I brought them to the backyard where they hung, mostly sightless, for months.

Our back window - glass discs are coasters I wrapped in wire to hang 
Clear eyes
Until I finally found a bag of the right sized marbles to use as replacements.

The original eyes were green and blue but I quite like the amber. The clear ones, tho, they seem the spookiest!

And these flying guys, well, they just started showing up the other night while I sat on the couch watching Downton Abbey.

Bats flutter through...

And now, as a confessed Downton Abbey fan, you will understand why I think this will make perfect Halloween viewing.