Monday, 22 September 2014

Shadow over Howards

Some of you have heard about the kerfuffle over H.P. Lovecraft's likeness used as the World Fantasy award (referred to as 'Howards'). The man was known for his almost pathological racism --seeing almost everyone as horrifying 'other' -- and so some writers are now calling for a redesign.

I don't blame them. The first time I heard the name of the pet cat in The Rats in the Walls, well, I was... uncomfortable; which, admittedly, is what makes his fiction so affecting. But also, I'm not sure I'd want the award in my house.

As a piece of modernist sculpture I like it BUT it does look a bit like Lovecraft woke up one morning, glanced in a mirror and saw “a bastard mess of stewing Mongrel flesh without intellect, repellent to the eye, nose and imagination.”

ADDENDUM: Oct 2, 2014 

And now for your listening pleasure...