Friday, 12 September 2014

Mummy anyone?

Source: Vintage Photos
Speaking of mummification...

I first learned about mummy brown while reading a book about, well, mummies, of course. (Sorry, can't remember book's title and it's now in storage far, far away.)

I learnt a lot of interesting things from this book like there's a parasite that actually shuts down your colon/intestines leading to a horrible death. And that there used to be quite the trade in Egyptian mummies. After the poor things were dug up they were ground up and put into medicinal remedies, ack! They were also ground up and used to make a paint pigment!

Ack and ick!

It was called, of course, 'mummy brown' and was used for several hundred years. So if you've ever found yourself wondering why there aren't more Egyptian mummies around well, those would be the reasons.

Makes you look a little more closely at some of those paintings in the Louvre tho.