Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ode to a Werewolf

Well, one of the positive things about having deleted your entire blog is that you get to redo stuff. And so, recently, while browsing through my labels, I realized I had only one "werewolf" post. Mon Dieu! How can this be?! Didn't I do a post re: American Werewolf in London? One of my fav movies?! Oh, yeah. That was in "the before times."

And so it was, several years ago now, that I had the chance to again watch American Werewolf. I found myself still delighted, amused and amazed. Particularly with the first half of the film. The bits I absolutely LOVED, and still do, are all the parts with our hero/werewolf's best friend, Jack (Griffin Dunne).

The thing about Jack is that he dies near the beginning of the movie and yet he appears throughout. And that's because Jack is one of the undead. Cursed to exist in limbo - until the werewolf who killed him is dead - each time he appears to his best friend David, now himself a werewolf, Jack is more rotted and decayed than before. And yet he acts just so...normal. There isn't any of the spooky, cursed, haunting, ghost kind of thing. Jack is just Jack. He still loves his friend and is quite matter of fact about the whole undead situation, but he is also trying to find a way to convince his best friend to, well, off himself. To end the killing and the curse.

T-Shirt - Source
Following this re-acquaintance with the film several years ago I, of course, started googling. That's when I discovered Last Exit to Nowhere AND the Slaughtered Lamb t-shirt! (Have since ordered several of their movie inspired t-shirts and hoodies for myself and hubby which we like VERY much).

Today, my googling uncovered this - The Slaughtered Lamb New York city. A dungeon. Theme parties. Great looking pub menu - with only one lamb dish, mind you. Unfortunately, the reviews (Yelp and Trip Advisor) don't have me feeling like I'm missing out on too much :(