Friday, 15 August 2014

After Hours - when anything can happen...

Ever have one of those nights? No? Yeah, well ok, I may not have had a mob chasing me through Soho with murder in their hearts but I have come close. But it was in the back woods of British Columbia and the mob was made up of three rather drunk woodsmen with larceny in their hearts. Anyway, the series of mishaps, misunderstandings and just plain bad luck that plagues the hero of this film, Paul Hackett, will take you on such a crazy journey that at its end you will, like Paul (and me in those back woods) declare, "I just want to live!"

Best plot summary - A meek word processor impulsively travels to Manhattan's Soho District to date an attractive but apparently disturbed young woman and finds himself trapped there in a nightmarishly surreal vortex of improbable coincidences and farcical circumstances.
- Gabe Taverney 

Best Song - Peggy Lee's Is That All There Is

Roger Ebert Review - compares the struggles of our film's hero to director Martin Scorsese's own frustrations with the last minute failure of Paramount to support his production of The Last Temptation of Christ.

(Griffin Dunne on the brain obviously.)