Thursday, 31 July 2014

Remembering the Dead - Jordan Reyne
"In 2003 Jordan was commissioned by the New Zealand Arts Council to research New Zealand's pioneer history. She was sent to a place called Karamea, on the west coast of New Zealand's south island. A town so remote it is still left off many maps.

Set in Karamea, New Zealand in a forest where the Undead walk at night, desperate to tell their tales to the living, "Remembering the Dead" is a blend of folklore and some of New Zealand's forgotten pioneer history."

"Lethe, a gravedigger in the employ of History, is sent to Kithicor Forest to listen to the Undead and harvest their tongues and stories. When Lethe arrives for the contract - back in her home town of Karamea - she discovers she is being followed by a ghost of her own who threatens to shatter her tenuous grasp on her own story." - Source

I love this project! You can have a listen to the first chapter at the link above or browse Jordan's site.