Thursday, 31 July 2014

Remembering the Dead - Jordan Reyne
"In 2003 Jordan was commissioned by the New Zealand Arts Council to research New Zealand's pioneer history. She was sent to a place called Karamea, on the west coast of New Zealand's south island. A town so remote it is still left off many maps.

Set in Karamea, New Zealand in a forest where the Undead walk at night, desperate to tell their tales to the living, "Remembering the Dead" is a blend of folklore and some of New Zealand's forgotten pioneer history."

"Lethe, a gravedigger in the employ of History, is sent to Kithicor Forest to listen to the Undead and harvest their tongues and stories. When Lethe arrives for the contract - back in her home town of Karamea - she discovers she is being followed by a ghost of her own who threatens to shatter her tenuous grasp on her own story." - Source

I love this project! You can have a listen to the first chapter at the link above or browse Jordan's site.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Halloween Shadow Box

Did this for my collage class. Used a cereal box, sticky paper, twigs, paper bags, etc. Didn't put cardboared backing on anything and lived to regret it. Soooo much fiddling and breath holding! This image is the only remaining evidence of its existence before it was 'accidentally' crushed.

Halloween Shadow Box

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Down by the Water - don't go!

I was instantly taken with this song the first time I heard it. Not just for the hypnotic rhythm, plucky strings, and haunting ending but also for the story the lyrics told. Would make a very creepy little movie...

Click for more acoustic version

I lost my heart
Under the bridge
To that little girl
So much to me
And now I moan
And now I holler
She'll never know
Just what I found
That blue eyed girl
She said "no more"
That blue eyed girl
Became blue eyed whore
Down by the water
I took her hand
Just like my daughter
I'll see her again

Oh help me Jesus
Come through this storm
I had to lose her
To do her harm
I heard her holler
I heard her moan
My lovely daughter
I took her home

Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water
Come back here and gimme my daughter
Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water
Come back here and gimme my daughter

Friday, 18 July 2014

Speaking of spirits...

Did you ever get to see Afterlife? It was a British tv show featuring Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln (before Walking Dead). It's about a reluctant medium - a woman literally haunted by spirits she is desperate to get away from - and the psychologist/academic interested in her 'abilities.'

Fantastic series. Could be incredibly creepy but also quite sobering as well. This is the first episode. But do NOT watch its opening sequence close to Christmas time - bit of a downer.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Objects and Apparitions

Bebe Marie by Joseph Cornell
This week in my collage class we are looking at Assemblage. The work that captivated me most is by Joseph Cornell. Read more about the work pictured here.

Objects and Apparitions (1974): poem 
for Joseph Cornell 
by poet Octavio Paz

Hexahedrons of wood and glass, 
scarcely bigger than a shoebox, 
with room in them for night and all its lights.

Monuments to every moment, 
refuse of every moment, used: 
cages for infinity.

Marbles, buttons, thimbles, dice,
pins, stamps, and glass beads: 
tales of the time.

Memory weaves, unweaves the echoes: 
in the four corners of the box 
shadowless ladies play at hide-and-seek.

Fire buried in the mirror, 
water sleeping in the agate: 
solos of Jenny Colonne and Jenny Lind.

"One has to commit a painting," said Degas,
"the way one commits a crime." But you constructed 
boxes where things hurry away from their names.

Slot machine of visions, 
condensation flask for conversations, 
hotel of crickets and constellations.

Minimal, incoherent fragments:
the opposite of History, creator of ruins, 
out of your ruins you have made creations.

Theater of the spirits: 
objects putting the laws 
of identity through hoops.

"Grand Hotel de la Couronne": in a vial, 
the three of clubs and, very surprised, 
Thumbelina in gardens of reflection.

A comb is a harp strummed by the glance 
of a little girl
born dumb.

The reflector of the inner eye 
scatters the spectacle:
God all alone above an extinct world.

The apparitions are manifest, 
their bodies weigh less than light, 
lasting as long as this phrase lasts.

Joseph Cornell: inside your boxes
my words became visible for a moment.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sexy Ghost

Source - Kaye Blegvad

Friday, 4 July 2014

Ghosts of my Childhood

That's not the name of this song but it is the lyric that caught me.

Oh, and Happy 4th of July to all of you in the US of A.

If you really want to conjure up a ghost
Cultivate a space for the things that hurt you most
Rake the sands until they surface
Bind their tiny eyes

Stake out your position, let your armor fall
Stay put 'till they find you, it won't take long at all
Rake the sands until they surface
Up they come, gone translucent

They're coming up no matter what
Fools rush in and the doors slam shut

Ghosts of my childhood, stay with me, if you will
Find a place where there's water, hold you under 'till you're still
Rake the sands until they surface
Don't let anybody call them ugly 

- Outer Scorpion Squadron by The Mountain Goats  

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Picnic anyone?

It's Canada Day today. Many people will be going to pancake breakfasts or planning a BBQ or maybe even a picnic. Hmmm, if I could arrange a picnic for today it would have a theme. But it wouldn't be your usual red and white, maple leaf, national day theme. Nope. My theme would be that of mystery. Specifically, the mystery in this 1975 film by Peter Weir, Picnic at Hanging Rock (*see Criterion Collection's recent re-release).

I first saw this movie at my favourite rep theatre. It was the early 80s and my boyfriend and I (both working for Famous Players / CINEPLEX) watched a LOT of movies. Not many stayed with me like this one did - haunted me for years.

It's the mystery. The unaswered question behind the disappearance of the girls. Was it, as stated, based on a true event? So, I ordered the book the movie was based on, by Joan Lindsay, and waited weeks for it to arrive. Finally it was in my moist, sweaty palms and I read it ALL in one sitting! But guess what? It didn't really give a solution -- as the author states, "I will leave it to my readers to decide." WHhhhaaAT?! And so, occasionally, over the years, I would find myself at a library trying to research mysteries or disappearances at Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia.

Today's research (thank you wikipedia) revealed there was a chapter to the novel that was not released until 1987! Following the author's specific wishes this final chapter was only released after her death. The chapter doesn't do too much to really solve the mystery tho. So we can all remain haunted.

You can read more about other people's 'research' efforts here and here and here.

Also worthy of note is Zamfir's theme music for the film which started the pan pipe craze of the late 70s.

And, finally, speaking of music, earlier this year a musical, yes, a musical version of Picnic at Hanging Rock, premiered at Weber State University.

What more could you ask for from a mystery themed picnic!?