Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Big Send Off

Ok, so I'm having a bad week. The daily temps are now hovering around 50 C and some of our ACs can't handle it. But worse, we just got the news that two of our closest friends here will not be returning after the summer break. This is going to leave a huge hole in our rather limited social life. But, hey, no one's dying, right? And, I suppose, it pales in comparison to the week Billy Connolly got the following news:

"On the Tuesday he was told he'd require a hearing aid; on the Wednesday he was given pills for heartburn that he'll need to take for the rest of his life; and on the Thursday he received the news that "the rest of his life" might not quite be as lengthy as hitherto assumed since he had prostate cancer and Parkinson's disease." (Source: The Independent)

His response was, of course, to make a documentary, Big Send Off, about death. My response to our news was to stay inside, watch tv, and wander deeper into the realms of Tamriel in the Elder Scrolls online game. (Really!?)

"The new series sees the 71-year-old travel the world looking at the ‘death industry’ and how different culture’s tackle the subject. Talking frankly about burial plans, his pal Idle reveals he has his own very unique ideas about what his grave should be like." (Source: The Mirror)

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