Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Stolen Kiss

Montreal Metro - Source
So, the biggest weekend of my teen years was St. Jean Baptiste (La fête nationale), on June 24th. It coincided with the end of the school year so jubilation was everywhere. As soon as we could my friends and I would head down to Old Montreal and hang out with the rest of the celebrating crowds.

Heading home after an evening of festivities we stood chatting away while waiting for the Metro. The train whooshed into the station and stopped. The doors nearest us opened and out came a small group of young men. One of them took me in his arms and gave me a great big kiss and wished me "Joyeux Fête nationale!" I blushed beet red, pleased as punch that someone kissed the weird, freckled, red head girl that I was, and stumbled into the near empty metro car. Sigh.

That was a year or two after the release of David Cronenberg's, Rabid. And the same year my high school social committee had arranged for a screening of that movie for Halloween. Minutes before the movie was supposed to start the Administration axed it saying it was too extreme. I didn't get to see Rabid till years later.

Made me glad my Metro encounter was not like this one...

...and that the only foam I saw that night was from the laundry soap people threw into the public fountains!

Listen to a recent interview with Cronenberg on Q Radio re: his latest flick - Map to the Stars.