Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mystics and Mars

Buuh buuh buhbuh bu baaaa! Ok. I don't really know how to write in words the opening sounds from Mars, Bringer of War by Holst, you just have to hear it!

MARS - the Bringer of War at QNCC

So go here to hear and to see some of the NASA images we saw at the concert last night. It was pretty spectacular. And I was struck, yet again, by just how much John Williams was 'inspired' by Holst for some of his original Star Wars score.

Carmina Burana was also great but, to be honest, I was there for The Planets. My favourite bit, Neptune, the Mystic, comes last. There's a choral part in it that always makes me feel like I'm about to drift out into the great beyond. I was concerned, however, when I didn't see a choral group appear on stage. But then, overhead, came the heavenly voices...because the choir was in the balcony (Holst idea)! I admit it, I got a little teary.

If you want a real celestial experience listen to both of the videos below at the same time. One is Neptune by Holst and the other is sounds of Neptune (or at least interstellar space) captured by Voyager!

The images in these videos are not what we saw last night by the way.