Friday, 30 May 2014

Possession à la Eva Green

Ohhh, love a good séance! I mean who hasn't fooled around with a Ouija board at some point, right? But no one, NO ONE, did the seance better than the Victorians. From the levitating tables and tambourines to oozing streams of ectoplasm - what's not to love!

But when you are in the presence of the real thing? Well, that's something altogether different.

I do believe acting can be a form of possession. I just hope Eva Green has recovered.

Penny Dreadful: Eva Green steals the show when she gets possessed at a séance

Saturday, 24 May 2014

May 24th Weekend !

In Canada, today marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Victoria Day is a stat (statutory) holiday and so lots of people get a long weekend. This May 24th weekend often involves the season's first camping trip...even if there's snow. Also traditional is a case of two-four (24 beer). To share with your friends, of course!

Now, sure, beer and camping go well together (usually) but what's a summer camp out without a good ghost story? So, if you find yourself around a campfire this weekend and want to give the wee tykes a bit of a thrill? Tell them this one...hee, hee.

Richard Hickey - Francis from Not To Scale on Vimeo.

ALSO, just have to mention here how pissed I am that NBC cancelled CAMP (*sniff and GrRRR!). I was sooooo looking forward to camping summer fun even if vicariously. In these here parts there will be 50 degree heat (Celsius) and high humidity so camping won't be an option. -- Sigh.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Blood on my Name

So, this morning I watched the trailer for the next, and final, season of True Blood. Meh.

Of course, I'll watch it but I am glad to see the series concluded. From the trailer it would seem they'll be bringing it all back to Bon Temps where everyone will gather to fight the lastest evil. Maybe they can recapture some of the 'charm' of the first season. Have to say though that the one thing I was never disappointed with in True Blood was the music. And this trailer in no exception. Blood on my Name? Cool!

A google search later I found this amazing short "musical narrative in the style of Southern Gothic folklore..." You might recognize Sean Bridgers from Deadwood (he played Johnny Burns).


"We don't live in a world of ifs. We live in world of DO and DO NOT."

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mystics and Mars

Buuh buuh buhbuh bu baaaa! Ok. I don't really know how to write in words the opening sounds from Mars, Bringer of War by Holst, you just have to hear it!

MARS - the Bringer of War at QNCC

So go here to hear and to see some of the NASA images we saw at the concert last night. It was pretty spectacular. And I was struck, yet again, by just how much John Williams was 'inspired' by Holst for some of his original Star Wars score.

Carmina Burana was also great but, to be honest, I was there for The Planets. My favourite bit, Neptune, the Mystic, comes last. There's a choral part in it that always makes me feel like I'm about to drift out into the great beyond. I was concerned, however, when I didn't see a choral group appear on stage. But then, overhead, came the heavenly voices...because the choir was in the balcony (Holst idea)! I admit it, I got a little teary.

If you want a real celestial experience listen to both of the videos below at the same time. One is Neptune by Holst and the other is sounds of Neptune (or at least interstellar space) captured by Voyager!

The images in these videos are not what we saw last night by the way.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

O Fortuna!

Aiiiyyye! Tonight we're off to see the Philharmonic Orchestra perform Carmina Burana AND The Planets!! I'm vibrating with excitement -- no, really -- I may just levitate out of my seat!

O Fortune, 
like the moon you are changeable, 
ever waxing and waning; 
hateful life 
first oppresses 
and then soothes 
as the sharp mind takes it; 
poverty and power 
it melts them like ice. 

 Fate – 
monstrous and empty, 
you whirling wheel, 
you are malevolent, 
well-being is vain 
and always fades to nothing, 
shadowed and veiled 
you plague me too; 
now through the game 
I bring my bare back 
to your villainy. 

 Fate is against me 
in health and virtue, 
driven on and weighted down, 
always enslaved. 
So at this hour 
without delay 
pluck the vibrating strings; 
since Fate strikes down 
the strong man, 
everyone weep with me!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

"It's already over in October..."

Following a signal I received in France
Watching all the traffic going by
Your hair is done in sequins, your wearing leather pants
Soldiers at the crossroads wave goodbye

And it's already over in October
Already Christmas every year
It's always good to sing when you are sober
It's always good to wipe away a tear

Sometimes I think we'll all go up in smoke
owing that the passage is not clear
There is a man who probably will choke
on the words that sound so violently sincere

 And it's already over in October
Already Christmas every year
It's always good to sing when you are sober
Always good to wipe away the tears

There was a woman who wore my ring upon her hand
warning me to judge the way I feel
Right on the surface of everything I'd planned
she cut too deep to ever really heal

And it's already over in October
Already Christmas every year
And it's always good to sing when you are sober
It's always good to wipe away the tears

If I see you, I'll nod to some passing face of God
who never really answered me at prayer
The Savior is quite odd, he prefers the prod
His kingdom is made out of thin air

And it's already over in October
Already Christmas every year
It's always good to sing when you are sober
It's always good to wipe away the tears

Monday, 5 May 2014

Penny Dreadful - NOT cheap sensational fiction

Source: Wikipedia
A penny dreadful (also called penny horrible, penny awful,[1] penny number, and penny blood[n 1]) was a type of British fiction publication in the 19th century that usually featured lurid serial stories appearing in parts over a number of weeks, each part costing one (old) penny. The term, however, soon came to encompass a variety of publications that featured cheap sensational fiction, such as story papers and booklet "libraries". The penny dreadfuls were printed on cheap pulp paper and were aimed primarily at working class adolescents.[3]

Anyone see the first episode of Penny Dreadful (on Youtube)? I wasn't holding out high hopes BUT five minutes in I knew I was watching something far more compelling than every Dracula episode I made myself watch.

And I love Eva Green. AND Timothy Dalton. And what a different role for Josh Hartnett, right?

SPOILER FREE Review at io9 here.


SPOILER coming....

My only concern is the inclusion of the Victor and his Monster. But I do have a few theories about the Monster's identity that could make things very interesting...maybe even sensational.