Friday, 4 April 2014

What Lies beneath? Nope, not that movie.

Damn you Gizmodo! An item on their site about the drought in California (How Bad is California's Drought? This Bad!) and then one about the sunken towns it has exposed (Flooded Ghost Towns Re-Emerge as Water Levels Drop Across the West) has eaten up this morning! What is it about these flooded places that fascinate me?

Well, it's not just me. Debbie Fletcher, a woman who dove down to visit her family's summer, but now flooded, home in Jocassee also has an interest. Her's is obviously more personal. You can read more about it in her book, Whipperwell Farewell. It's a place that seems pretty popular with divers, especially the cemetery...of course.

Now, I don't dive and the closest I've been to anything underwater is this old wreck off the bow of a tour boat in Tobermory, ON. But there do seem to be quite a lot of these flooded (or formerly flooded) places out there.

Only decent photo I got on the Glass Bottom boat tour!
And the whole underwater thing has some very spooky elements going for it. Death by drowning, obviously, but there's also something ethereal about these underwater worlds. It's like time just stopped when the waters came.

Does anyone remember a movie that involved a sunken church and bell in the Bayou somewhere? I want to say it was a Disney flick?

Yep! Just did a search and found it...The Boy from Dead Man's Bayou! 1971. Wow. Disney's first feature apparently. And now I know where this little interest of mine comes from!

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