Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sam Lee and Gypsy Lore

So, I have a thing for folk music. You may or may not know that. Started years ago with my introduction to the 1960s British rock/folk group Pentangle. I won't bore you with all the details of this interest except to say that I've discovered some new and amazing artists in the last year. It started with a documentary I saw about folk dancing traditions in Britain. I was completely mesmerized by the two hosts; the performing sisters known as The Unthanks (somewhat related post here). I was so impressed with their music that I immediately bought several albums. One of these was actually a compilation (Oak, Ash, Thorn) featuring other British folk artists; one of whom was Sam Lee. It was the haunting quality of his Puck's Song that led me to learn more about him.

His work blends ancient, in the form of traditional Romany and traveller songs, with contemporary ‘mongrelised’ sounds such as percussion instruments made from gas cylinders. He is passionate about folk music - its history, its relevance, and its future - and is a founder of the award-winning The Nest Collective which promotes folk events and music. Ground Of Its Own was made with some of the studio legends who worked with Nick Drake, and has received glowing reviews from Uncut, BBC Music and The Guardian, which called it ‘impressively brave and original.’ 
(Sam Lee at

He's recently released his first album, A Ground of its Own, from which, I do believe, this is an 'official' video. Read more about Sam Lee here.