Friday, 10 January 2014

Everybody loves a good pirate story...

Mary Read shish kabobs her 'antongonist'
Ok, this one is about smugglers along the coast of Dorset but I do believe Blackbeard is mentioned.

Since I was a little kid I've loved a good pirate story. And when I was older and discovered -- through a fascinating book about cross dressing women who yearned to do battle -- that some of these pirates were women! Well now, that was something worth learning. I was fascinated - thrilled even. Missed my calling.

"The earliest recorded female smugglers were Anne Bonney and Mary Read who eventually graduated from trading in counterfeit goods to full-blown piracy. Bonney, who was born to a poor Irish family in Cork in 1702, became particularly notorious - largely as a result of her relationship with fellow pirate and smuggler, Jack 'Calico Jack' Rackham." (The truth about Britain's FEMALE smugglers...)

Anywho, here's the point. Airing over Christmas, on SKY1, was a tale called Moonfleet. Unfortunately, it DOES NOT feature any women pirates :(

"Moonfleet...brings the fun factor to our screens, it’s certainly not intended to be a serious drama. Based on a J Meade Faulkner novel, it is the story of John Trenchard..., who embarks on an adventure with a group of smugglers led by...Elzevir Block. Together, they hunt for a fabled lost diamond all the while trying to outwit an anti-smuggling magistrate, Mohune, a man who killed Block’s son...With characters like these, this adapted children’s novel is certainly one that young would love to watch. The drama encompasses all the fantasies of every youngster dressed up in their favourite Long John Silver costume." (Moonfleet - Geezers and gaffers galore).