Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Alive: In the Face of Death

Death is not an easy topic. But it does seem that we are talking about it a lot more than we used to. Not just talk tho. There are lots of people out there examining and exploring all things related to this once taboo topic. Not only are we talking more about the dead and death but also about about dying itself. And I'm not just referring to the physical breakdown of a body here but also the mental, emotional, and sometimes, spiritual journey that will come to all of us. Dying is just the first step down the path towards one of the greatest mysteries out there.

"Featuring more than 70 images, in 'Alive: In The Face of Death', photographer Rankin sets out to explore and challenge our perceptions of death. Through his lens, the stories of those touched by death are revealed. They include people living with a terminal illness, those who have faced death and survived, and those who work within the death industry." - Liverpool Museum

Read more of what Rankin has to say here.

Alive: Rankin Faces Death from Jack Cocker on Vimeo.