Monday, 4 November 2013

The Rats in the Walls and David McCallum

Years ago I was given an audio book (tape cassette) of this H.P. Lovecraft story read by David McCallum. I was given it by a friend who knew of my love for spooky things but also of my crush on Mr. McCallum. I fell in love with `David` while watching him in The Invisible Man and was lucky enough to meet him just a couple of years later, while I was working at the popcorn counter of an old large and somewhat spooky theatre (more on that in another post). He was in town doing some dinner theatre and had come to watch a matinee showing of Body Double. I was thrilled and tried very, very hard to act calmly (and sanely) while selling him his popcorn. (The same friend who gave me the cassette found and sent me a glass, years later, with Mr. McCallum`s face and name on it made for that very same dinner theatre production!)

Anywho, listening to this particular audio book became on of my Halloween traditions until, in one of many moves, the cassette disappeared. (And sadly, my McCallum glass was later broken by a roommate.)  But a few years ago, I was able to replace the long lost cassette recording with a digital version, yay! And so while listening to it the other day (I've decided to extend Halloween this year due to lost time) I GOOGLED it. And that's how I found this very interesting multimedia project from last year featuring the very recording...