Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pumpkin pillow pal and Halloween hiatus

So I made another one of those rustic looking pumpkin pillows. This time I made the stem by cutting out the shape from a scouring pad.

Seated side by side like this my husband said they reminded him of those theatre masks. You know -- those ones that represent comedy and tragedy? Can't deny he's got something there. Might be saying a little something 'bout my recent experience with the hilarity and tragedy of a hemorrhoidectomy (more like horroroidectomy). Oh. Right. I didn't mention the reason for my surgery before did I? Well, there you go. If you have any questions I now consider myself a bit of an expert.

Tragedy & Comedy

And so with that particular holiday craft task complete I am taking a short hiatus from Halloween to turn my attention to that other holiday. Feel free to call round (Christmas Scraps) and share a mug of cheer!