Monday, 21 October 2013

Local Spirits - Djinn and Zombies

I've always been interested in the response to Halloween celebrations in this part of the World. From what I've picked up it would seem that beliefs in supernatural beings (angels and demons mostly) are common. During our first few years here I remember some of the South East Asian women, working as Nannys, seemed more frightened by the house decorations -- and of what might happen when the door was opened -- than their small trick or treating charges!

But I've also noticed a real growing interest in the horror genre among young people here. Last year I participated in a Zombie Run during the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and was amazed at the numbers of people participating. I was also impressed by the makeup AND by the number of young locals who seemed to be working on horror film projects (like Lockdown) with friends. (Watch the Zombie Run here and see yours truly as a pathetic kneeling zombie holding out one lone red ribbon).

And it's not just the young locals getting inspiration from regional 'spirits.' Check out this trailer for Tobe Hooper's new film, Djinn.  Release date here is October 31st.

Will DEFINITELY go see this one.