Sunday, 6 October 2013

I love me a gargoyle or two

Where did I become interested in gargoyles and church carvings? Well, that would have been at the 12th C Cathédrale St Pierre in Lisieux, Normandy. Made a huge impression on me back in 1990-something.

Gargoyle, Notre Dame - by me 2013

I hung out at that cathedral a lot while volunteering on a local archaeological dig. Have I mentioned this before? Well, in case I haven't the dig was of a medieval cemetery (with some Roman remains underneath). And yes, I got to dig up a skeleton! But it wasn't really creepy. No, what was somewhat disturbing was the large pentagram, complete with melted candles, that I found on the attic floor of a nearby abandoned 19th C schoolhouse. Now, THAT was creepy. One night I was showing it to a couple of Scottish buskers I'd met when, on the way out, we heard voices coming up the stairwell. I started to run towards the other wing of the building followed closely by the buskers. We were really lucky we didn't fall through the many gaps from missing floor boards. And I was laughing so hard, in that hysterical kind of way you get when you are excited and a bit scared, I almost wet myself.

It was a great night!