Friday, 11 October 2013

Costumes that are not scary

Photo courtesy of my cousin - Thanks!
So this here is my grandfather. He's at a costume party and it's August 1906. He's dressed as a Scotsman / Highlander.

The caption for the larger group photo includes the word 'Egwanulti.' Apparently that is Cherokee for "by the water." In this case I think it's the name of the country house where this party took place. La di da...

And then here's me, approximately 60 years later, dressed as a little Dutch girl. I'm at 'camp.'

Dutch Girl?
On this particular day a select few of us were put into the national dress of various countries and told to smile while our picture was taken. The sign I'm holding is the name of the country I am representing (although it could just as easily read "For Sale").

Nope. Can't remember why we had to do this.

But I do remember those wooden shoes were uncomfortable.


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