Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Innocents - Another Creepy Child Sings

I was listening to a podcast today Night Waves (BBC) about a movie version of Henry James, The Turn of the Screw that I've never heard of. It's called The Innocents (1961) and starred Deborah Kerr. The podcast, recorded at the British Film institute as part of the Sound of Cinema season, starts with an introduction to the topic and to the very impressive panel.

And then they play this...


Have you read The Turn of the Screw? I can't remember when I was first introduced to this story. I have a vague recollection of reading something spooky from my elementary school library about a big British estate and two children who I was never sure were real. Sounds like Turn of the Screw, right? But what is it that makes children creepy? Especially when they sing? It seems to be one of the few horror motifs that gets under everyone's skin.

I shiver at the thought. But it's a shiver of anticipation because I'm going to settle myself down and watch the entire movie on You Tube now.

Or maybe I'll wait till it's dark...

Lyrics to O Willow Waly:

We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow.
But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree.
Singing "Oh willow waly" by the tree that weeps with me.
Singing "Oh willow waly" till my lover return to me.
We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow.
A broken heart have I. Oh willow I die, oh willow I die.