Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The World is Awash in Red

So, I'm having a rainy day. Which, believe me, is not that easy to do in a place where it is mostly sunny and currently...34 C -- heading straight to today's projected high of 37 C. How do you have a rainy day in a hot, stifling desert? Well, you close the drapes, get a snack, nudge up the AC, get another snack, drink lots of tea, while getting a snack, and watch the Season 3 premiere of AMC's The Killing.

And what a premiere. Despite the lack lustre conclusion of last season I was relieved to hear the show would be back. One of the many reasons I enjoy the show is the role the location's climate (Vancouver = Seattle) plays in the series. No really. The weather and climate are a whole character unto themselves. The overcast blue-grey tint in the air, the constant drizzle, and occasional looming fog add a certain quality of mystery and pine scented air a la Twin Peaks.

Obviously our story has moved on since the discovery of Rosie's murderer/s and we find our main characters leading happy, healthy, and successful lives one year on. Or so it would appear. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) is no longer a detective but instead living on a small island, working at the local ferry service, jogging every day, and playing house with a co-worker. Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) has beat his drug addiction and is healthy, fit (yeah!) and about to take the Sergeant's exam. He even has a great new girlfriend, played by Jewel Staite (spot the reference to Firefly in their scene...it's hard to miss).

By the time these two finally meet up again we suspect not all is as it seems. Despite claiming to one another that they've quit smoking they are both soon lighting up. While Holder is doing well we suspect he's starting to spend too much time at work heading into the same obsessive behavior his ex-partner succumbed to. And Linden's walked away, no, hidden herself away, from a job she's good at but that she lets use up every bit of stamina and psychological well being she has (until she figures out how to achieve a balance she SHOULD hide).

But now Holder has brought her a case. And not just any case. It's one that he suspects may have a connection to the same investigation that caused Linden to have a nervous breakdown. She initially refuses to get involved but it's not long, as Holder rightly suspects, before she is pulled in. And the scene that tells you this will happen takes place in...a barn.

Out for a jog Linden takes shelter in the abandoned barn during a downpour. Waiting out the rain she looks around and notices the dead body of a starved cow. Sad. But then she sees another. And then another and another and another and another until finally we hear a low moaning and the camera shows us the one cow that is almost but not quite dead yet.

The scene is so horrific you know there's gotta be a reason. Initially I thought, ok, she's going to find out who the hell let a whole barn of cows starve to death and bring them to justice (the animal lover in me). But no, that's not the reason. The reason, swathed in layers of red, is revealed at the very end of the episode.

AAIEEIEIEIEIEIEIEIE!! I have to wait a week!?!

Oh yeah, and like thousands of others, last night I watched THE Game of Thrones episode everyone is talking about - The Red Wedding. I had read the book so knew (and was dreading) what was coming. Still, somehow they made it even more brutal. Nuff said. For some of the very angry reactions click here. Or check out Arya Stark's reaction