Thursday, 20 June 2013

Just back from the dead, are we?

The Returned. A new Scorsese movie? Nope. Maybe the title of this tv series in its native French will tell you more, Les Revenants. Yep. You got it. The returned in question are the dead. Inexplicably, a select few dead people, from one small alpine village, have just seemingly and miraculously returned to the land of the living. Not as zombies exactly but as definite pieces of the past.

It's an intriguing idea when you think of it. I mean, would you want the man you loved 10 years ago, who had committed suicide on your WEDDING DAY (!!) to suddenly reappear and want back into your life now? Now, after years of therapy and finally moving on and maybe finding someone else? Aside from the age difference that is. Speaking of age differences, what about having the twin sister you lost 4 years ago reappear as her 4 years younger self?  Or what about a mysterious little boy who shows up and starts insisting you are his fairy god mother? Wouldn't that make your life somewhat complicated? To say the least.

Most of the people I've 'lost' along the road of life are family members. And when I think about them coming back it's normally along the lines of a one night reunion, like Halloween night or Day of the Dead. They come back, you have a little party, a chat, catch up, and then, most importantly, they leave. I've never imagined them staying! That would just be too... difficult - for all concerned. I mean, my grandmother found the 1970s confusing and alienating, I can only imagine what she would make of the 21st century!

I admit to being very intrigued by the concept tho and like the Nordic Noir look and feel in this trailer. The cinematography was apparently influenced by one of my favourite contemporary photographers, Gregory Crewdson.  Unfortunately, I doubt I'll get a chance to see it :(

But, I did run across an article in Entertainment Weekly that seems to suggest an American version is on the horizon. Hmmmm....

(Read a short review of Les Revenants in The Telegraph).