Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Recently saw Stephen King and John Cougar Mellencamp interviewed on David Letterman about their collaboration on a musical. Yes, you read that right, a musical. It's been years in the making and I have to admit I am intrigued. Especially after hearing the story about where the idea came from.

It all stems from the 'haunted' cabin Mellencamp bought years ago.  Apparently, back in the 20s, two young brothers and a girl were having a good time one night when things went horribly awry. One brother attacked the other with a poker causing grievous bodily harm. They dragged him outside and then, going for help or maybe just high tailing it out of there, they got in a car and drove off. They then crashed the car and both died. Later, when the remains of the other brother were found, back at the cabin, it was headless -- the late night snack for some passing bear...or something.

And now the story, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, is a musical. And a book. And an album. With LOTS of names you will recognize including T. Bone Burnett.

Read more about this project at the Huffington Post.