Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mermaids don't mean to kill...

Underwater beings will forever hold me transfixed. I guess I just have a thing about them. Not so fond of the wickedly creepy being of fresh water, Jenny Greenteeth tho. I first discovered her in the book of Faeries by Brian Froud. Her image stuck with me for years and made me somewhat afraid to delve into the small watering hole we spent afternoons beside up at camp. Ok, so maybe the blood suckers had something to do with that too, but Jenny is responsible for the drowning of many a young child so clearly I was right to be cautious.

Now, I know rumours abound regarding mermaids and the occasional drowning at sea but honestly I think most of these incidents are accidents. I believe mermaids are simply looking for some company and then tend to forget that we are surface creatures. That being said there is something a tad reminiscent of Jonathan Harker and Dracula's brides in this particular underwater scenario. And by the end it doesn't look like he's heading for the surface now does it?