Friday, 19 April 2013

A Scent in the Night

Night Scented Stock by Kate Bush on Grooveshark

Ok, so the other night I could smell flowers in the air. It was everywhere. The scent was a bit like lilies (of which there are none around here). Sure, we do have some fragrant frangipani in the neighbourhood but you have to get close to smell them and this scent seemed to be EVERYWHERE. To be perfectly frank, it reminded me a bit of a funeral home.

As the night wore on, and the smell did not dissipate, I asked my husband several times if he could smell flowers. He 'claimed' to smell nothing. By the time we got to bed I had almost convinced myself I was having a psychic portent of a death. I mean, isn't that what smelling flowers when there are none around is supposed to mean?  That or maybe it heralds the appearance of a Saint or the Virgin Mary?

The explanation turned out to be a little less supernatural. First, my husband has asthma and allergies so he rarely smells anything. Second, the trees around our compound have all recently sprouted these teeny tiny blooms. As I was leaving a friend's place the other night, the air still full of scent, I walked straight into a low hanging branch of one of these trees and voila, THERE was the scent! Turns out to be a form of night blooming jasmine. How lucky am I?

This is a scan of a one of those tiny blooms which is about the size of my fingernail.