Saturday, 27 October 2012

Time for a ghost story and costume advice...?

A ghost got stuck on this big mason jar! Must have been the cob webs.
Only days before Halloween and I find myself hankering for a good ghost story. So, if you find yourself with the same need here are a few options to consider.

There are two new anthologies out, The Big Book of Ghost Stories (Otto P, ed.) and The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, eds.) Click here for a review. Or you can read what is on offer at Tor books during their Ghost WeekBut maybe you're the more practical type and wish to learn how to survive a vengeful ghost attack. Well then, check out Yurei Attack: The Japanese ghost survival guide by Hiroko Yoda.

AND, this just in from a friend of mine, if you are looking for costume ideas. If some of you 'ladies' out there are tired of / don't want to be a 'sexy' nurse, a 'sexy' waitress, a 'sexy' construction worker (I've always maintained that at Halloween it doesn't matter what you go as but it should at least be a 'dead' version) then check this out

(Don't even ask how the Thriller Challenge is going.)


Mantan Calaveras said...

Right? I think the most legitimately sexy Hallowe'en costume I ever saw was a lady friend of mine who just went as The Bandit from Tarsem Singh's "The Fall".

But let's face it, both men and women have gotten pretty lazy when it comes to Hallowe'en costumes lately. Everybody just goes as either a movie or television character, or a zombie. Slap some blood on and go as a zombie!

Come on people! Think original, think scary!

P.E. Cor said...

I know! But I do have to admit I haven't put a huge effort into costumes over the last few years. I haven't been out to a costume party in...5 years? Egad. So, while I do dress up to hand out candy it's usually nothing too scary. Especially being back here in the GCC. Been a gypsy the last couple of years. Never been a zombie...yet.

As to your friend's costume, well, some costumes just are sexy. And that's fine!

Rimi-Internet-Marketing-Service-Provider said...

Hi, I love Ghost Stories. My house is built over some type of buried people kinda in a river bed and i hear bumping im my house alot. I think they r nice it think. i leave things for them to move and they do... i think we are living in peace... im home alon alot and we live in harmony :) sometimes i hear things thumping up and down the stairs... its SO COOL! :D