Monday, 29 October 2012

Mockingbird Lane leaves me wanting more...

Oh Eddie! Make that plural...Oh, Eddies. Because after watching Mockingbird Lane, The Munsters reboot, both Eddies are on my mind. First and foremost is Eddie Izzard. As 'Grandpa' this Eddie was a high point in what was otherwise an imbalanced effort. (The other standout was Charity Wakefield. As Marilyn, the 'normal' relative of the monstrous family unit she shines...although can anyone that attractive really be representative of  'the norm'?) I'm already a fan of Eddie Izzard and am somewhat biased but I'm not alone in thinking he was great! As the old-school vampire who wants to use humans as his blood slaves (one of whom works himself to death painting the Munster's new digs), their body parts in his experiments, and their blood as his dinner, well, he is wickedly sparkling. The very quick peek of the more robust and younger 'Grandpa' at the end, as he finally gives in and drinks human blood (through a straw people) is a huge tease!

Source: abatgirl
The other Eddie is, of course, little Eddie Munster. The family's youngest member, a werewolf (were-cub) who still doesn't know the truth about himself--or the extent of the changes puberty is bringing about. Although the story of  Herman's failing heart was interesting, Eddie's story seemed a little overlooked. As Eddie's true nature begins to manifest itself his parents argue with Grandpa on how and when to tell him the truth. The truth being he is NOT like his 'normal' cousin Marilyn but is, rather, a true Munster/monster. Maybe I was reading too much into the casting of Eddie Izzard and Portia de Rossi but this story line seemed to represent the show's message as a whole...that people broaden their views on what makes up a family unit and on what is 'normal.' Much like in The New Normal and Modern Family there is a reassurance here that the norm may be more diverse than you think.

It's too bad this appears to be the beginning and end of this reboot. Despite the somewhat muddy pilot there is just so much potential here. (Although, personally, I would recast everyone except Izzard and Wakefield.)