Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween and Nostalgia

My Heritage Lace bat mantle with twinkle lights
Halloween is, without doubt, my favourite holiday. However, over time my feelings around this time of year have become more... complex.

I've always loved spooky things and what spookier time of year is there? For kids especially. We don't have children but as a grown up I believe I now have a responsibility to pass on the magic of this holiday just as it was passed to me. Which is why I decorate the house (ok, the inside decor is mostly for me) and dress up in costume to hand out candy.  I cherish my memories of being a kid and running round the neighbourhood wearing those plastic sweaty masks with the pin holes you could barely see through yet still being disappointed when the elastic on those same masks inevitably snapped. The costumes, whatever they were, made it special. And being out at night, in the dark, knocking on the doors of houses decorated with ghosts or a glowing pumpkin...that was part of it too. Even that Halloween when the creepy old guy tried to lure me and my friends inside his house with the promise of pennies for our UNICEF boxes. (Did we go in...?) Houses of people you both knew and didn`t...it was all part of the magic.

As I get older along with that magic there has developed a certain melancholy. I invariably end up thinking about the family and friends that are no longer here (in this realm) or near enough to visit. And that makes me a bit sad. I'm not going to get maudlin about it, I just wanted to point that out. So, if you find yourself stressed out by your kids and Halloween (or the weather!) take a breather and remember your inner child. To help you I offer up the following podcasts.

This is the Halloween podcast of a great CBC radio show I've been listening to for years, the Vinyl Cafe. This is not a scary episode but it is about Halloween and the memories made and shared at this time.  Plus there are also some kick-a#@ musical guests!

Or if you are looking for something a bit more atmospheric try one of Blasphumus Radio`s Halloween podcasts. The latest is an Evening with Vincent Price.

Remember the magic.

Stay safe but be spooky!