Friday, 12 October 2012

Fear of the Unknown

Yep, tis the season for spooky tv and I say, Hallelujah!  Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres in a couple of days and soon after that will be the 2nd season of American Horror Story.

Initially I thought both of these shows were too intense for me. A few episodes into The Walking Dead's first season had me thinking I would never survive the adrenaline coursing through my body while watching. I couldn't take waiting for another zombie attack and losing yet another character. Remember the boy and his father who couldn't leave their infested neighbourhood because zombie Mom still strolled the streets at night? Just get up and leave for pity sake! And who was Lori going to chose? Her miraculously returned husband, Rick? Or the guy she's been spending time in the bushes with Rick's former partner? And then poor Andrea loses her sister and Dale tries to keep her going. And that's what suckered me in...I cared about the characters. I was afraid of what might happen to them but I HAD to know! (At least the zombies were slow moving.)

Then there was American Horror Story. I decided it was not for me after the first two episodes. Too pyscho! I mean, come on, those gruesome murders (especially episode 2), the gimp suit, the young/old maid, the witch next door and don't make me watch those credits! Nightmare inducing. I did not want to know what was coming next in that world. But a few weeks ago I decided to give it another go and I'm glad I did. The series turned out to be a lot more nuanced than I first thought. As the story progressed the line between good and evil (and who was which) became blurred. Jessica Lange was great, as were most of the cast, and I'll never forget Denis O'Hare's "burned guy."

With the news that the 2nd season is going to be a completely new story (set in an asylum with Jessica Lange as a sadistic nun...!!) I admit to being very intrigued. Will they continue to explore a different horror story each season? We've seen the haunted house and we're getting the crazy asylum what could be next? Personally, I'd love to see something from Lovecraft's world (click here for this doc in its entirety).