Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Thar be pirates!

Walked down to Quidi Vidi with a friend on Sunday. We went cause it's a nice walk and we wanted to nose around The Plantation.

Lots of St. John's residents, as well as tourists, come down here for a taste of life "out around the bay." Even amongst the newer McMansions there are still many parts of Quidi Vidi reminiscent of the busy fishing village it was in the past.

You can even detect a trace of the pirates that once roamed these waters..!

Monday, 30 July 2018

A little early, don't you think?

Was at Michael's a couple of days ago...

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Screams in the night...

We just got back from a weekend in and around Eastport, NL. We were staying with my hubby's Aunt who has lived there for the last couple of decades. She has a beautiful bit of property and the most amazing view!

Eastport, NL

We arrived late in the afternoon on Saturday. After a walk down the road and around a bit of coastline we returned to an amazing meal with my hubby's Aunt. After dinner she gave us a more extensive tour by car in and around some of the nearby communities and to witness a most spectacular sunset!

Burnside, NL

It wasn't long after arriving back at her place that we stumbled up the stairs to bed. It was a warm night and we had the windows wide open so we slept pretty well. The following morning, however, as we were headed out on another tour, a nearby neighbour stopped us to ask if had heard "the screaming in the night?" Whaaa! Apparently, at about 3:00 am, someone had started screaming for help from the nearby woods / shoreline. The RCMP were called and arrived to investigate but by then the screaming had stopped. Nothing has been found...yet.

There are bits of bog in the nearby woods and you can find yourself on solid rock with one step and in chest deep bog the next. I've written before about the stories people tell about being led astray and getting lost in the woods. In Newfoundland it used to be thought the fault of the fairies when people got turned around. Many of these stories and beliefs came with the people who moved here from southern Ireland.

"Most are not aware of the province’s fairy folklore. We’ve all heard a ghost story 
or two, but to most, stories of “the good folk” are seldom heard, especially 
amongst the younger generations. But our province has a past that was rich in 
fairy lore, particularly on the predominantly Irish settled , Avalon peninsula. 

Stories and beliefs from the homeland followed our ancestors to this rugged island, 
and there have been numerous self-proclaimed accounts of the Fae and 
their interactions with family members and friends of the community. 
 Most stories involving fairies have been collected through 
interviews throughout the 20th century. 

Barbara Reiti, folklore PhD and former professor at MUN, is the author 
accounts of Newfoundlanders experiencing encounters with fairies, from 
tales of horses’ manes being braided nightly, to fairies dancing 
in a circle and luring travellers through the forest with sweet music. 

Conception Bay seems to be a major hotspot, as well as several communities 
around the Avalon like Avondale, Ferryland, and Witless Bay. They’ve been described 
as everything from small children sporting red capes, to glowing balls of light." 

Saturday, 21 July 2018

James Thomas


"No one articulates this isolation more plainly than James “Son Ford” Thomas, who was a gravedigger by trade, striving to work as fast as the one-armed uncle who had got him the job and thinking long and hard on the vast differences in the monuments to the dead. Standing in a cemetery in a conversation recorded in 1974, he tells Ferris: “They might remember you, but not me.” He doesn’t have the money, he says. “They’ll throw up a tin marker on my grave with my name that will last about three weeks. Then it’s gone.” Thomas would later travel the country performing with Ferris, meet and talk songwriting with Allen Ginsberg, and have art exhibits of his “sculpturing”. Through the recordings, he has been made immortal." - from The Guardian

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Summer so far...?

It's been rather...eventful. Weather wise it's been up and down. Started out promising during the first two weeks of a sunny and warm May but then it got cold and gloomy and stayed that way till the end of June. We had my husband's parents with us for several days which was nice. One morning, while having our breakfast, we heard a big boom which, I assumed because of the overcast skies, was thunder. Found out later there had been a gas explosion at a garage not far from us that blew off the sides and ceiling. Luckily not many people were there and no one was killed although there were a few injuries.

Last few days of June, summer came back with a blazing sun for a couple of days before more rain and gloom. Which is how things seem to be going this month. Been windy too. Been getting weather systems from down south including the remnants of Hurricane Chris and now Beryl, I believe. Despite the overcast skies and some rain today, it is rather warm and muggy.

I'm not complaining about the rain because it's been a pretty dry winter and spring. So much so that fires have been breaking out. Last week there was a bush fire not far from here that had us a bit worried. Watched the water bombers do their work and it was doused within a couple of hours. But not before heavy smoke forced part of a nearby neighbourhood to evacuate! Luckily damage was limited to the woods with only a few houses suffering melted vinyl siding and scorched fences / decks.

Our house is back onto a green space and though I often see the remnants of people's illegal fires in the woods, I'd still rather have the woods back there then a new housing development. Do you see how close together those houses are? And nary a tree on any lot unless the home owner plants one. Unfortunately, in April we discovered there are plans for a commercial/residential development behind us :(

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Now this is a dollhouse!

I don't know if I have the kind of patience to do something like this but I'd love to have one! What a fantastic training tool and resource for anyone interested in what a house in the 40s / 50s looked like. Oh, and how to investigate a crime scene...

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Bury me...